Introduction To gary

a little intro about myself, i'm actually a really nice guy. idk why people don't like me, my art, or my whole being.
especially, women, they're all stuck up and snooty, they cant see how much of a nice guy i am. like come on, im so nice and shit.

now im gonna speak in the third person...
gary is a multitalented, renaissance man. he is well known for mastering every single trade he is in. be it art,
fruity loops program, and now in website building. ever since birth, he has been quite prolific.


green cocklin comic (2017) - well known collaborator knockers helped him in the drafting process of the lewd comic.
the overall reaction from critics was mixed but is one of the notable highlights of his career. maybe even his entire life.

tale of the smash cartridge (2018) - another collaboration with knockers. written by knockers,
it was a truly edge-of-seat gripping tale about the release of the smash ultimate. gary took the role of the visual director of the project.
to date, only few have seen it, and even fewer enjoyed it. critic reception was once again mixed. notable criticism was its premature release date.
surely with enough time and care, it could have turned out great and influenced a whole generation of story tellers. maybe.

Unreleased Comic (TBA) - This is slated to release mid 2021, but you really cannot be to sure on how everything is set up these days.
it's in the drafting process currently and with gary leading the project who knows when it'll be done (probably never)